Remembering Irrfan Khan’s ‘Art Of Improvising’

Irrfan Khan

We can say that the Hindi film industry has witnessed the biggest tragedy ever in the past couple of months, but it’s the rule to move on and look forward. But we know it’s not easy to move on after losing legends like Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, then the youngest superstar Sushant Singh Rajput in the most tragic incident no one ever thought of. 

There’s nothing in our hands but all we can do is that we can remember them quietly through their greatest contribution to the cinema and hence we decided to talk about one such favorite artist of ours, the late Irrfan Khan who was known for the ‘Art Of Improvising’. An actor who established himself in the industry from doing small TV shows, to supporting roles in movies and then finally hitting the big screens.

And throughout this epic journey, something which remained constant was his art of improvising which he felt was necessary for an actor to get into a character and put across his views to the character written by a writer, that’s how he did justice to each of his roles which also marked a special name for him in the industry.

The Interval Scene by Karwaan

And few such instances are in the film Piku prior to the interval scene, where Irrfan even impressed Mr. Bachchan with his improvising skills. Also starring alongside Rishi Kapoor in the film D-Day, Irrfan chose to improvise a scene where he was sharing screen space with Mr. Kapoor and also he left the whole team and crew of Karwaan in splits with his improvisation skills. And this Art of Improvising made all of us love him not only as an actor but as a true artist.

And that’s how Irrfan knew how to add magic on screens.

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