Revisiting Movies: ‘Dil Se’ is not an usual SRK love story

Human Beings, once they are mature enough to stand for themselves, they set across the principles of their life which they are bound to follow no matter what, but a time comes where they feel the need to reconsider their values, their perspective towards seeing things, etc. All these can occur due to the interference of someone who might be very close to you or when you find the true worth in their perspective.

In the film Dil Se, where we follow the story of Amar (Shah Rukh Khan) and Meghna (Manisha Koirala), the song Ae Ajnabi from the film comes at a point of the story where both Amar and Meghna are departed and both are experiencing a change in their life. Where on one hand it’s Amar whose poetic romance shines out in the story. As this song comes in the play, it’s Meghna who is reconsidering the changes in her life.

Stills from Se Ajnabee song

She has been raised in different circumstances altogether if compared to Amar’s life, she is now a part of an organization who is offtrack in their way to oppose the authorities, Meghna has been a part of this group and she has totally accepted their principles, but things tend to change and in this instance Meghna is rethinking about her life, questioning the true aim of her life. She’s the one “Reconsidering Changes” in her life and the reason is Amar’s perspective towards life.

That was all about the music which acted as an another way of storytelling for Ratnam. The film being the last one of his Trilogy of ‘Love stories paralleling Terrorism’ goes in-depth of the character and is a treat of visual storytelling. If I had to choose any SRK film, it would definitely be Dil Se, which surely explains why he is the king of romance.

On the other side, the difficult role here was of Manisha Koirala’s as Meghana is someone who is quite secretive and her performance speaks more of her silence, she adds the real spark to the story with her silence. Dil Se is one such masterpiece by Mani Ratnam which explores human life in the midst of terrorism. A must watch if you haven’t yet.

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