Revisiting Movies: ‘The Man who knew Infinity’ a biopic of great Mathematician Ramanujan

We all have heard “Opposite Poles Attract,” that goes deep into Magnetic Field, but if we consider this term in real life too, it is quite similar. If you observe it wisely, you’ll find that people with different opinions and opposite perspectives are likely to bond for a longer time.

In such a instance, there’s no need of one to be correct or incorrect, it is just about being vocal of your thoughts and expressing it clearly. With this theme, here talking about the 2015 biographical film ‘The Man Who Knew Infinity’ based on the true story of Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. This film being a biopic, there’s nothing more to talk about it in cinematic terms, as it has an unflawed storyline which is based on a book.

A scene from The Man who knew Infinity

Ramanujan, a self taught math genius finds his way to the Trinity College through his remarkable discoveries where he bonds with Mathematician G.H. Hardy, and their bonding is what we can talk of more about this movie. Two unlike minds, back in early 1900s, language barrier but having a true devotion towards Maths, makes up for a remarkable invention ahead. Two different point of views but one way got them towards their destination.

The film Stars Dev Patel, Jeremy Irons and Devika Bhise in prominent roles and is Directed by Matthew Brown.

Do watch ‘The Man who knew Infinity’ and share your views with us. Meanwhile, stay tuned to The Indian Wire for more such articles.


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