#RevisitingMovies, Being Cyrus: “Perceiving Life as it Gets.”

What we get is actually a mirror to what we perceive, thinking of it as ‘This is what the Life is meant for,’ being unaware of its uncertainty and the opposite plans our life has stored in for us. Homi Adajania’s directorial debut takes us back in 2006 portraying the story of Cyrus. Being Cyrus, a gripping tale set among a small but intriguing Parsi community. Heading off the mainstream lane, Being Cyrus in its 90 minutes, makes sure you remain glued to the screen and think of nothing but Cyrus (Saif Ali Khan) and how he goes on with other five other colourful characters in a bizarre yet interesting way. An intense psychological thriller which can also be deemed into the genre of black comedy, this film has a lot to talk about keeping in centre the aspects of life, convincing the point through the element of a dysfunctional family.

A still from Being Cyrus

A still from Being Cyrus

One of the most impressive scenes of the film is where Cyrus dialogues on one of the quotes, Leo Tolstoy once said: “All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” However, the actual quote is “Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way” maybe there’s a way too much depth in it that I couldn’t figure it out, or just it’s for the sake of mystery.

What makes you fall in love with Cyrus is that though he has faced same turmoils as his sister, yet he is more humane than her. Though we can’t look away the point that he killed innocent people, still the vulnerability he has doesn’t make you feel angry about him. The small gestures, like that of leaving sweets for a road-side beggar, make you wonder how complex human mind can be! And the different perspectives each one of us have towards life is the most beautiful thing about it.


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