#RevisitingMovies: Go Goa Gone, off the Mainstream Bollywood

Indian audience were not well aware of ‘Zom Com’ as a genre altogether before the release of Go Goa Gone, it was definitely a brave and a great step by the directors Raj and DK to present this new concept to the audience. A well written script which glues you to the film till the end. Though the film was not successful at the release, but has now become one of the best experiments in Indian Cinema in the last two decades.

A scene from Go Goa Gone

If we compare this film with Gasper Noé’s Climax, the concept is somehow the same though the genres differ but the main conflict is same i.e change in the behavior of humans after consuming any of the wildest drug. Go Goa Gone, presented as a Zom Com also has a taste of dark shade in the story. In a scene where Boris (Saif Ali Khan) has to leave back his partner Nikolai as he’s infected by the zombies, that surely a point where you get emotional in this laughter riot. Also at the climax, the actual bond and love shared by these 3 friends Hardik, Luv and Bunny is the point where the film again stands out.

The film is overall a laughter ride with best performances, writing and direction. Also we must appreciate the efforts of makeup artists who made this first Indian Zombie film, visually successful.

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