Sandeep Maheshwari ends the series “How To Start A Business With No Money” on YouTube on a great note; discusses 3 new business models

Sandeep Maheshwari has finally put an end to the series of How To Start A Business With No Money on YouTube, by posting its remaining parts. Part 8th is an extension of the Part 7th and talk about one single idea whereas both 9th and 10th have new and unique business model plans.

To begin with, Part 7th begins with the idea of photography. Sandeep mentions that a lot of people have asked him to discuss this as a business model, the profession that he was into. Sandeep develops the idea of customized photography or stock photography. He also gives an idea about the pre-wedding shoot and things that are trending today.

In part 8th of the video, he elaborates this idea further by saying that these photographers can organize tours in which the foreigners will be able to experience unseen India and can thus use the videos and photos for their benefits and post it on their website. They can try building up the trust of the citizens of different countries through their travel agents and can earn good money.

In the 9th part, Sandeep presses the idea of drop shipping, a concept which seemed unfamiliar to the larger part of his audience. Sandeep goes on explaining and gives out the important details for this business model. He also stresses the role of marketing and digital marketing particularly to kick start their businesses.

Part 10th talks about a business model that seems desi but can work really well if someone wants to incorporate it. Considering the health factor and how conscious everybody is these days, he suggests them to come up with names like Homemade Shikanji/Chai. They can take proper care of the hygiene and can use some marketing strategies to push it further.

Watch the videos below or check it out on YouTube.


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