Sanjivani episode 85 written update, December 6: Sid learns the truth about Asha’s pregnancy

The recent episode of Sanjivani begins as Dr. Ishani tells Dr. Sid that they can’t be together because he’s still married to Dr. Asha. The only way they can live the fantasy of their love is if Dr. Sid cuts all the ties of his life with Dr. Asha. But until then, Dr. Ishani will maintain her distance with him.

Dr. Sid goes home and is angry to see Dr. Asha is hasn’t left him. He lashes out at her, and orders her to give him a divorce. Dr. Asha declines, and says she can’t ever divorce because she’s still afraid of her family. Dr. Sid doesn’t care, he just wants to cut every connection with her. Dr. Asha pleads with him, and states that she’s pregnant.

Dr. Sid decides to conduct a sonography for Dr. Asha in which it’ll be revealed if she’s pregnant or not. The next day, Dr. Ishani waits for Dr. Sid. She’s still confused about Dr. Asha’s actions and wants to know the reason for her cruelty.

Dr. Sid takes Dr. Asha for a sonography test. At first the scan reveals no heart beat, which means Dr. Asha isn’t pregnant. However, its later revealed that the doctor did find a hearbeat, and it was confirmed that Dr. Asha is bearing a child and wasn’t lying. Dr. Asha says she’d never lie about a child. Dr. Sid is devastated by this news because it means he will have to continue his promise to Dr. Sid.

Tomorrow: Dr. Sid tells Dr. Ishani that he can’t leave Dr. Asha because he doesn’t want her child to suffer the same fate as he did.


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