Sanjivani episode 95, written update, December 20: Ishani is in mortal danger

The upcoming episode of Sanjivani begins with the shooter, aiming his gun at Dr. Ishani, and then forcing her into a elevator. Dr. Sid, and Vardhan are horrified when they realize that Dr. Ishani has been taken hostage. They chase after the shooter. Dr. Ishani attempts the shooter’s desire to take her hostage, but he doesn’t talk to her about his life. Dr. Ishani tricks him, and runs away. He runs after he, and threatens to shoot her. Dr. Ishani reaches a door, but can’t open it. Dr. Sid, Dr. Akhil and Vardhan also arrive, and Dr. Sid uses Vardhan’s card to open the door. The man shoots at Dr. Ishani, but the bullet hits Dr. Akhil in the arm. He faints and is losing blood fast. Dr. Rahil takes him away.

Dr. Ishani is safe, but the shooter is still pursuing her. Vardhan asks the Dr. Anjali why the police hasn’t arrived yet. The police is only come inside until they’ve sensed the situation inside. In the operation theater, Dr. Rishabh is worried that they’ll lose the patient if the heart doesn’t arrive in time.

Dr. Sid tells Dr. Ishani that he’s going to look for the shooter. Dr. Ishani tells him to be safe. They share a tender moment together. Dr. Sid assures that he’s not going to leave Dr. Ishani after all this is over.

Dr. Ishani enters the operation theater with the heart for the operation but realizes in horror that the shooter is inside the room. The man tells her to do what he says or he’ll shoot her. Dr. Ishani is paralyzed with fear.



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