Sanjivani episode 96, written update, December 23: Ishani gets shot while saving Asha

The upcoming episode of Sanjivani begins with the shooter aiming his gun at Dr. Ishani and threatening to kill her if she screams for help. The shooter plans to make the people in the room his hostages so he can run away with the heart. Dr. Ishani tries to bargain with him, but he tells her to shut up, or he’ll shoot her. The police arrive at the hospital. Dr. Siddhant goes to ask if the operation is taking place without any problems. The shooter tells everyone to keep quiet. Dr. Asha reveals that she’s pregnant. The shooter plans to make her a human shield.

Dr. Siddharth and the police enter the operation room and find out that the shooter has left with the hostages. Dr. Ishani has left clues along the way, and prays that Dr. Sid will follow them to her location.

The shooter takes the hostages to a room and tells them to jump from a window. Dr. Asha tells him she can’t jump because she’s pregnant. The shooter forces her to do it, and begins to force her. This leads to a struggle. Dr. Sid comes from behind. They begin to fight each other while Dr. Ishani helps to untie Dr. Asha’s ropes.

The shooter warns Dr. Asha if she tries to escape, he’ll shoot her. He fires a shot at her, but Dr. Ishani comes before Dr. Asha and is hit with the bullet. Dr. Sid goes to her aid, and everyone rushes to the operation theater.

Tomorrow: Ishani’s life in danger.


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