Sanjivani episode 97, written update, December 24: Dr. Ishani’s life in danger

The upcoming episode of Sanjivani begins with Dr. Sid taking Dr. Ishani to the operation theater. Dr. Juhi comes and restricts him from performing the operation on Dr. Ishani because he’s too close to her; he’ll get too emotional. Dr. Juhi tells Dr. Rahil to assist her, and requests Dr. Sid to get out of the room. Dr. Sid goes in the hallway and has an emotional breakdown as he remembers his time with Dr. Ishani. Dr. Asha visits Vardhan and tells him she won’t follow his orders anymore. Vardhan laughs at her protests, and says she’s just being emotional. There’s no need to forget the reality of the situation, and everything will soon get back to normal.

Dr. Sid confronts the shooter, and tells him, he’ll try to save his son. The shooter apologize for his crimes, and is going to pray for Dr. Ishani’s safety.

Dr. Juhi successfully performs the operation on Dr. Ishani. Dr. Ishani meets Dr. Sid in the hallway. It’s a fantasy sequence. Dr. Ishani tells Dr. Sid that she can’t stay with him forever. Dr. Sid gets worried, and says he’ll do everything in his power to restore her life. Suddenly, Dr. Ishani collapses in his arms. In the operation theater, Dr. Ishani’s vitals begin to drop, and there’s a flat line on the monitor. Dr. Sid enters the room. Dr. Juhi is incapable of reviving Dr. Ishani.


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