Sanjivani episode 98, written update, December 25: Ishani is in coma

The upcoming episode of Sanjivani begins with Dr. Juhi is trying to revive Dr. Ishani, as she has flat-lined. Dr. Juhi tries to use defibrillator to revive Dr. Ishani but there’s no response. Outside, Dr. Asha cries and prays to god to save Dr. Ishani because she won’t be able to forgive herself for being cruel to her. Vardhan sees Dr. Asha and also hopes that Dr. Ishani survives because he needs her to hurt Dr. Sid and then take revenge on Dr. Shahshank. Dr. Sid enters the operation theater and goes to Dr. Ishani. He pleads with her to come back to life. When everyone has lost all hope, Dr. Ishani finally shows signs of life.

Dr. Sid is relieved but Dr. Ishani is declared to be in coma. Dr. Juhi tells Dr. Sid to not keep his hopes up for her recovery. Dr. Sid takes all responsibilities for Dr. Ishani’s care until she wakes up.

Dr. Sid goes to her room talks to her because he feels she can hear hum. Dr. Ishani’s spirit rises from the bed and behaves normally. Dr. Ishani addresses Dr. Sid, but he’s talking to her body. Dr. Rahil arrives and Dr. Sid goes to discuss the dosage of medicine. Dr Akhil also comes in. Dr. Ishani finally realizes that she hasn’t woken up from the coma yet and begins to cry.

Tomorrow: Vardhan goes ahead with his plan.



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