The Indian Wire » Entertainment » Sanjivani episode written update, December 2: Sid tells Ishani to move on

Sanjivani episode written update, December 2: Sid tells Ishani to move on

The episode begins with Dr. Ishani telling Dr. Sid that she’s never going to defend him again. Dr. Ishani has only received his skepticism and scorn for trying to tell the truth about Dr. Asha’s evil plans against his career. Dr. Sid doesn’t trust her, and is not grateful for her efforts to keep him away from danger. It’s better that Dr. Ishani stops playing the saint and leaves Dr. Sid and Dr. Asha alone. Dr. Asha is very happy with Dr. Ishani’s decision because it means it’ll be easier to ruin Dr. Sid’s career now. Vardhan is impressed by Dr. Asha’s actions and how she capably caused a rift between Dr. Ishani and Dr. Sid. He grants her a big surgery as a gift for her efforts.

Dr. Ishani begins to ignore Dr. Sid every time he encounters her. When he sits with her in the cafeteria, she moves her lunch away and doesn’t take his food. They both meet outside in the garden where Dr. Sid attempts to apologize and explain point of view. But Dr. Ishani doesn’t want to hear him.

Dr. Sid tells her to move on in life, and stop worrying about him. Dr. Ishani tells him to stop giving her any advice, as he’s nobody in her life. She’s going to do what her heart tells her to to. Dr. Ishani just warns him about trusting Dr. Asha and advises him to look at things with a different perspective.

Dr. Sid then catches Dr. Asha trying to meddle with his paperwork and begins to suspect her while remembering what Dr. Ishani told him.

Tomorrow: Dr. Sid finally believes Dr. Ishani.

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