The Indian Wire » Entertainment » Sanjivani episode written update, December 3: Sid and Rahil expose Asha

Sanjivani episode written update, December 3: Sid and Rahil expose Asha

The episode begins with Dr. Sid berating Dr. Asha for interfering in his work, and always insinuating Dr. Ishani’s name in their arguments. He wants to concentrate on his work, and not always run behind Dr. Asha whenever there is a problem. Dr. Asha presents the list of medicines that Dr. Sid has prescribed to his patients to Vardhan.

Dr. Asha is very disturbed after her fight with Dr. Sid but Dr. Vardhan doesn’t want her to worry. He’s going to unleash his revenge on Dr. Sid and nobody is going to save him from the consequences. Dr. Juhi goes to Dr. Shahshank and presents him with all the letters she has received about him. Dr. Shahshank is upset, and questions her if this was the reason she was so eager to learn about his past.

In the cafeteria, as they’re preparing to eat lunch, Dr. Rahil suddenly gets sick and is sent to the emergency. Dr. Ishani is worried about his health. Vardhan tells Dr. Asha to do more damage to Dr. Rahil’s health. Dr. Asha is very hesitant to do harm to Dr. Rahil, but Vardhan forces her, otherwise he will expose her truth to everyone.

Dr. Asha goes to give a lethal injection to Dr. Rahil, but at the last moment, Dr. Sid grabs her hand. It’s revealed that Dr. Rahil is perfectly fine and was only playing sick to catch Dr. Asha in the act of misdeed. Thus, Dr. Asha’s true face is revealed to Dr. Sid.

Tomorrow: Dr. Sid exposes Dr. Asha in front of the whole hospital and humiliates her.

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