Sanjivani episode written update, November 18: Ishani helps Sid after Guddu goes missing

The episode begins as Dr. Rahil and Dr. Ishani discuss Dr. Asha’s involvement in Dr. Sid’s blunder in the operation room during the surgery. Dr. Rahil doubts that Dr. Asha would do anything bad to a man who saved her reputation in the society by deciding to marry her, and save the life of her unborn child. Dr. Ishani is unable to present any proof of Dr. Asha’s evil intentions and decides to stop her investigation. She internally apologizes to Dr. Sid for not being helpful with his upcoming meeting.

At Dr. Sid’s house, Guddu is getting increasingly worried about his career. Dr. Asha sets her plan in motion by speaking in the phone about an important pooja of cracking Coconut in the mandir that’ll restore Dr. Sid’s good fortune. Guddu listens to her and goes outside to perform the ceremony.

Dr. Sid is getting very anxious about the board meeting. Dr. Ishani visits him outside the room and wishes him good luck. Inside, Vardhan has already pulled strings together to turn the members against Dr. Sid. He repeatedly taunts Dr. Shashank for Dr. Sid’s actions and also stresses that the hospital’s name is more important than any Doctor.

Dr. Sid is called for the meeting but he suddenly disappears. Dr. Ishani is shocked and learns from Dr. Rahil that Guddu is missing from the house and Dr. Sud has gone to find him. The board members begin to stand up from their chairs. Dr. Ishani notices and then grabs the door so they can’t get outside. She asks Dr. Rahil and others to keep the door locked until Dr. Sid returns.

Dr. Sid finds Dr. Asha on the road and she lies that she can’t find Guddu. Finally, as he’s about to be hit by a van, Dr. Ishani comes in and saves Guddu.

Tomorrow: The board decides the fate of Dr. Sid’s career.


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