Say Bye to Your School Holidays with “If School Holiday Was A Person” by Samreen Ali on YouTube

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Samreen Ali has posted a new video on her channel, titled “If School Holiday Was A Person”. The video was posted on June 29, 2019, and within an hour had 22k+ views.

The video is dedicated to all the students because their school vacations are almost over. It is time they face this harsh reality and bid adieu to their holidays. In the video, Riya’s friend Mr. Holiday consoles her that they still have 3 days together and that they can enjoy together.

Riya along with her friend Mr. Holiday dances and plays while her mother is pissed off. Mr. Holiday tells Riya that not many moms like him, only those who don’t want to make lunch, are happy with him.

Riya gets all emotional and overly dramatic while bidding bye to Mr. Holiday and cries a lot. The background score seems a little extra.

Watch the video below or head over to Samreen’s youtube channel.


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