ScoopWhoop: Professions – Expectations Vs Reality on YouTube is a hoot and a half

ScoopWhoop is out with its fourth part in the ongoing series “Professions- Expectations Vs Reality” on YouTube. The video was posted on July 11, 2019, and has over 16k views.

In this video, we see various other professions that have always lured the students towards them, making them dream of bigger things, but what happens in the reality is both heartbreaking and funny at the same time.

We expect that the officers in government offices will be a little more subtle while asking for a bribe, but what happens, in reality, is something we are all aware of.

The expectations from Merchant Navy are that the girl you are in love with will wait for you whereas, in reality, it’s the friends who come to pick up their friend from the ship.

Entrepreneurs expect that they won’t need funding from anyone else and that they would not sell their company, no matter what the price is being paid, but in reality, the entrepreneurs look for funding and someone who can help their business grow.

Watch the video below to know in which all professions your expectations can be different from the reality or head over to ScoopWhoop’s YouTube channel.



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