The Screen Patti: “Rabish Ki Report| School Ki Parent-Teacher Meeting” video on YouTube is tongue in cheek

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The Screen Patti has released a new video on YouTube on July 19, 2019. The video “Rabish Ki Report| School Ki Parent – Teacher Meeting”, had 42k views in the first half an hour of its release. The video is ‘tongue in cheek’ throughout.

Rabish is obviously inspired by Ravish Kumar and he visits a school during its parent-teacher meeting. The comments that he made in the entire video will make you say Damn! At a lot of moments. The comparison of journalists to the army forces, that both of them intend to protect the country. The pun on NDA and admissions to it, the sting operation on a teacher, rebuking the pressure that is built upon the students, treating them as criminals and asking teachers to beat them for results, all these instances are sufficient to make you realize what is currently wrong in the country.

This 14-minute long video has summed up all the major wrongs in the country, which can be changed, only if the people come together and wish to do so.

Watch the video below or head to The Screen Patti on YouTube.



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