Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero to have out of the world climax

Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif have teamed up once again for their next – Zero, in which SRK plays a dwarf. However the characters of the leading ladies may have not be brought into lime light, there is some news about the film and its climax.

The film which is told to be a sci-fiction, apparently covers elements of ‘romance’ too. Well, how would it not with the Badshah of romance starring in it?

A source reportedly commented on the film and said, “While ‘Zero’ will have bits of romance and drama, it is also a sci-fi film. The movie has a connection with the outer space and you will be totally surprised by the climax of the film and all the connections that the characters and film have with the outer space.”

The film somewhere brings into mind Salman, Preity and Akshay starrer – Jaan – e -Man, that released years back and well went downhill without any recognition, except for a few hit songs.

Hope, that SRK’s Zero doesn’t disappoint and is satisfactory for the audience.