‘Sheherwali Cuisine’ new video on YouTube by The Timeliners is stupefying

A new episode of The Royal Palate by Behrouz Biryani and TVFPlay is out on The Timeliners’ youtube channel. “Sheherwali Cuisine” is the 7th and the season finale episode.

For this episode, Chef Kunal Kapoor travels to Kolkata especially to meet and know the royal cuisine of Sheherwali community. Chef Kunal is mesmerized by the opulence of the community. He along with his friends Jordindian then has a royal lunch with the Dudhoria family in Murshidabad, the real roots of the Sheherwali community.

Before going to Murshidabad, Chef Kunal visits two other families and understand Sheherwali cuisine. He finds out that mango is one thing that the Sheherwali community absolutely loves. An entire meal can be prepared from mango as well. He tries to gel with the family and learns new things.

Watch the video below to learn more about the royal legacy of Sheherwali community or head over to their channel on youtube.


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