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Sonal Vengurlekar : Disappointed with TRP of Sam Dam Dand Bhed

Small screen actress Sonal Vengurlekar says that she is very disappointed with the low TRP’S. Her show ‘Sam Dam Dand Bhed’ was expected to do wonders on the screen for the newly revamped Star Bharat, but it failed to happen. The show is getting a good review for its storyline and managed to garner 0.5-0.6 TVR points. While there are some other shows like ‘Kya Haal’, ‘Mr. Panchaal’ and ‘Nimki Mukhiya’ have done quite well on the channel.

In the show, Sonal is playing the role of the Mandira in the Shakuntalam Telefilm’s production and she says that she had a lot of expectations from the show, because the show is getting good reviews so the whole team is expecting that the show will do good. Now, they are sort of disappointed because everyone has done so much work into making it, but she said that it is surely not the end they have just started.

Sonal is just not happy with the show and she blames that the show has not been promoted well. Moreover, she said that if you see top shows of any channel are generally the ones that have been promoted more. Only those shows are working well on the screen, which has been promoted well and she says that her show has not been promoted well and that is the reason of the low TRP’s. Most of the people don’t even know that the show is on-air. She feels that if the show was promoted well, so it would have done well on the charts.

It’s just not the promotion, but there is another reason why the show has not got good TRP’s. She feels that the other shows are focusing more on the comedy and they are light-hearted ones and nowadays people are more liking comedy shows and their concept of the show is completely different and the audience finds it difficult to pick up from anywhere in the middle.

However, the actress has not lost hope till yet, but she amidst that there are times when the competition is so fierce and the channels have the show in the short span of time. Sonal feels that the show has just begun and the main story is yet to get started. Now, they are planning to visit different Indian cities for promotions. The concept of the show is very innovative and she does not think that whether is a trendsetter or not, but the show won’t be a failure at least,