Sonchiriya Review : Gripping, tense and lauded with Spectacular performances


Sonchiriya is based on the rebels of Chambal, the movie follows the pack dacoits led by Mann Singh (Manoj Bajpayee). The film showcases a small town ruled by dacoits where multiple-gangs fight over to attain power. The film is more than a Crime thriller, it is also a spiritual puzzle on one’s conscious, regrets and redemption. ‘Sonchiriya’ is filled with stellar performances, fascinating cinematography, and provocative dialogues.

The director of the movie, Abhishek Chaubey envisions the story with the dominant caste angle that prevailed in the heartland in the 1970s. He tried to define good and bad through his protagonists, Man Singh, and his men, Lakhna (Sushant Singh Rajput) and Vakil Singh (Ranvir Shorey). These bandits are projected as God-fearing bandits, who are often shown questioning their own sense of purpose and existence.

Sonchiriya is action-packed with gunfights, heist scenes, and interesting dialogues which will leave you entertained. The film is not about a crime scene, it’s about the aftermath of it and the curse that follows the wrongdoing of the crime. It addresses the nature of law, those who killed will be killed eventually. Sonchiriya puts a light on deep-rooted caste divisions, gender discrimination, toxic patriarchy, and superstitions.

The movie is lauded with spectacular performances by actors like Manoj Bajpayee who once again gives a terrific portrayal of a bandit, Sushant Singh Rajput is honest and true to his character, Bhumi Pednekar is fierce in a strong female character, Ranvir Shorey has given the best performance of till date while portraying Vakil Singh and Ashutosh Rana stands out as an anti-hero, who is essaying the role of cop, Gujjar.

The film is backed up by Vishal Bhardwaj‘s apt music and Rekha Bhardwaj’s vocals signify the characters inner confusion. The movie is gripping, exciting, unpredictable which slowly penetrates into the western theme.


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