Sourabh Jain : It was tough to play the role of Shiva!

It was tough to play the role of Shiva: Sourabh Raaj Jain!
Being a part of a mythological show may seem to be easy for other, but in reality, it is not, says Sourabh Jain.

Sourabh Jain is an Indian television actor and Model. He started his career at the age of 19 in a show “Remix”, where he played a role of Amandeep Chadha. Saurabh established himself as a remarkable actor in “Devon Ke Dev …Mahadev”, where he played the role of Lord Vishnu. Saurabh rose the popularity from his role of Lord Krishna in a show “Mahabharat”. He even made his debut in Telugu movie “Om Namo Venkatesaya”.

Sourabh says that being a part of a mythological show and being a part of another period drama may seem to be easy for other, but in reality, it is not. Sourabh said, “On the contrary, it was even more difficult for me since I have played Vishnu and Krishna before and was accepted well by the audience. It was tough to break that image. and play the complete opposite – Shiva. For an actor to first be accepted as Krishna and then to portray Shiva is a rare opportunity and I thank Swastik for doing this.”

Sourabh’s show has topped the TRP charts still Sourabh couldn’t have been happier, He said, “Although I don’t tend to put my energy on TRPs, it feels great that our hard work and the thought behind the show is resonating with the audience.”

After Mahabharat, he is once again sharing the screen with the actress Pooja Sharma. Working with her Sourabh said, “It’s an honor to work with Pooja again. She is exceptionally talented and a genuine human being. When asked does he really believes in god Shiva? He said, “I am a seeker and I seek from every possible source.” Before being part of a mythological show he reads books just to know the character more, “I read books. Currently, I’m reading Shiva sutras by Sukh Bodh Ananda and also listen to music. I also like to travel as and when I can.”