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Story in a Frame : A scene from Badhaai Ho which breaks Stereotypes!

A still from Badhaai Ho

There’s a scene in Badhaai Ho wherein there’s an open conversation about the human relationships as Daadi (Surekha Sikri) talks about her daughter in law’s (Neena Gupta) sacrifice for the family. This scene strikes at a very correct time in the story where we as an audience are still conceiving the story as a comic one, but things do get pretty serious from here and this scene is bound to break many stereotypes. So let’s go in detail: 

A scene from Badhaai Ho

Though in the modern era we can say that women are voicing out themselves, that fact is also limited till the metro cities that too not in many cases. Nowadays women are coming out, speaking up they are no more behind any men in this world. But let’s not forget the sacrifice of these wonder women, especially heading back a generation back and even before then. Sacrifice and Compromise, these two words can define what the societal perception of an Indian woman is.

Be it as a daughter in father’s house or a daughter in law in husband’s house, they used to mold their entire lives around these two words. Most women live a life of sacrifice, selflessly giving to their family, their children, and their homes. Being born nurturers, they try their utmost to match up to the expectations set for them. The structure of society expects this. Well actually, demands it! Though the scenario is changing now.

Also, coming to the point of Love, is it wrong for a husband to express his love for his wife after a few years of marriage? Vice Versa as well. Doesn’t love rises over a period of time. The film Badhaai Ho breaks most of these stereotypes and reassures to know that films are not only willing to explore stories of love that come from the most ordinary but unexpected spaces. As there is more conversation for accepting children for who they are, it is also important to note that it goes both ways. We must accept parents for who they are as well as people, with human needs and desires. And there is no shame in that!!!

Directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma, the film Badhaai Ho also stars Ayushmann Khurrana, Sanya Malhotra, and Gajraj Rao.

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