Sunny Leone all set to capture hearts down South with ‘Veeramadevi’

After making people go gaga over her in Bollywood, Sunny Leone is now ready to win over the film industry down South. You read it right! The Indo- Canadian actor has not only taken over her Hindi- speaking fans by surprise but is now all set to woo the Tamils too.

Sunny who has finally carved her own space in Bollywood will now make a Tamil debut with the movie Veeramadevi. The actress who took a while to adapt to a complete change of culture says she enjoys to venture into different cultural domains. About the benefits of working in a Tamil movie, she said, “This film will help me grow as a person and as an actress. Being able to learn about a completely different culture is something that I like a lot and enjoy.”

Sunny is not at all worried about the language issues that emerge with working in a movie of another language. She in fact is looking forward to it. She said, “It will be challenging, but I am not worried about learning it for this film. I am actually very excited about this whole process”. She is also keen in working in other regional movies, provided that the role appeals to her. “If a role comes my way that is interesting, then I definitely will”, she said.

Sunny also went on to talk about her character in the movie where she will be playing a warrior princess. “The amount of effort that has gone into this character is amazing and I’m beyond excited to start shooting. I will be taking riding lessons… in Los Angeles and in India. And, of course, I will be attending workshops to learn Tamil”, she said.

The actress has also recently adopted a daughter and is enjoying her family time. Talking about taking time for her family from her busy schedule she said, “My husband and I have developed a system that works for all of us. Therefore, I see Nisha (Sunny’s daughter) a lot”. She added, “We are more in love with each other and are completely in love with Nisha. She is the light of our life and makes us better people and parents every day”.

Sunny is also going to broaden her work front by coming up with her own cosmetic line called Star Struck by Sunny Leone. She plans on “appealing to all online outlets and pushing this (range) in every corner of the world”.

We wish Sunny all the success in her varied endeavors.