Superstar-EP-03 ‘I QUIT’ by Aashqeen on YouTube is the story of every struggler

Superstar, a web series by Aashqeen on YouTube is streaming on youtube. The third episode of the series, titled “I QUIT” came out on June 23, 2019, almost after a month after the second episode.

In the third episode, Chant Launda decides to move to Delhi to try his luck in being a YouTuber with help from some friend. His father, however, is not in the favor of it and warns him, that if he leaves the house, he should never think of coming back again. Chant Launda along with his friend Mishra leaves for bus stand and comes to Delhi. His so-called friend doesn’t pick his call and the guard doesn’t let him beyond the entry gate, who further insults him saying that their parents taught them nothing and come in the metropolis when they got nothing.

Chant Launda sleeps in the garden for a night and within 2 days heads back to his town Allahabad. He although lies to his friend and tells him that he got his work done. Male ego! His father doesn’t let him come back home and he tries everything but doesn’t apologize and stays with his friend Mishra.

While trying to gain views and subscribers on YouTube, Chant Launda also steals the camera from foreigners but even then fails in gaining views. He later learns that his friend is going to some other town for 15 days or so because he has applied for an exam to attain a job. Chant Launda keeps on working but never succeeds.

The ending seems a little abrupt with Chant Launda disappearing from the frame. The episode, however, is so relatable and true. Everybody wishes to be successful but some just don’t try while others do, but not in the right way. They then blame their destiny and instead of improving they quit.

Watch the episode below or you can also watch on their youtube channel.



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