If Superstar Rajinikanth agrees to act, ‘3.0’ can happen: ‘2.0’ director S Shankar

director s shankar

2.0‘ has not been released yet and the director S Shankar already spilled the beans about its sequel ‘3.0’. Shankar was recently in Mumbai for the promotions of his major-release ‘2.0’ and there he revealed an interesting news.

Shankar said that with right thoughts and convincing script, ‘3.0’ can happen, but only if Rajinikanth agrees to work with him again as he cannot imagine anyone else playing Chitti. Chitti is the robot in his film which is loved by all. Shankar said, “Like Superman, Batman and Spiderman, I wanted the franchise of Robo in the country.”

Shankar wants a sequels just to take the franchise further, but to entertain the audience.

‘2.0’, second most expensive film of Asia, has already entered 100 crore-club and expects to break all previous box office record. The film stars Amy Jackson, along with Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar.


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