Surbhi Chandna : I always aspired to play the lead on a TV show!

Surbhi Chandna : I always aspired to play the lead on a TV show!

Small screen actress Surbhi Chandna says that she has never been a Bollywood fan she always aspired to play the lead on the television show. To strike a conversation with Surbhi it is very easy. She is very well known for portraying the role of an ‘Anika’ in the Star Plus show ‘Ishqbaaz’. She is very well known for her straightforward nature and she has a unique take on everything. Where most of the television actress dreams of going in the Bollywood but she is an exception. However, she has played the small parts in the movies ‘Bobby Jasoos’, but she is never been a Bollywood fan. She always dreams to play the lead the role on the television show. She says that doing a television show in less stressful and she enjoys doing television shows more rather than doing a movie. She has also featured in the shows like ‘Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah’ and ‘Meri Bhabhi’.

Earlier she was working in the corporate sector but she left the job just to enter into the television. She says that her mother told her to audition for the roles in the television. However, she completed her MBA and she was content with her career in the corporate world. She obeyed her mother and she gave auditions and after a while, she got selected for some shows. She did a small role in many shows. Not many people know that she even got chosen to play the lead in the show ‘Jamai Raja’ but she says that never really happened. But, when she did the show ‘Qubool Hai’ at that time her character got noticed and from there she rose the popularity.

After the show ‘Qubool Hai’, Gul, the producer of the show said that she wanted to cast her in an another show in which she will be playing the lead. Even after Qubool Hai, she was planning to play only the lead characters so she said yes. But Gul said that to play the lead role you have to look thin as only thin girls can play the role of a lead. So because of that she hit the gym and lost a lot of weight, but when Gul offered her the show ‘Ishqbaaz’ she wanted her to eat as much as she can because in that show she preferred her lead to be pleasantly pumped. However, that did not work so she again started on a weight-losing spree because she wanted the show at any cost and she did not want to lose it.

Recently there were a lot of rumors that the show is going back to the half an hour shot but it actually never happened. On this Surbhi says that why would the makers revert to the half an hour. The show is doing really well and the people are enjoying watching the chemistry between Shivaay and Anika. Moreover, the plot of the show and the track of three brothers Shivaay, Rudra and Omkar, their bond attract more viewers. ‘Ishqbaaz’ is the kind of the show where along with lead actress there are two more actresses which are equally contributing to the show.

It is mostly seen that the televisions bahus are donned in saris but Surbhi’s character transforms from a single kurta-jeans into a diva. She has carried her same stylish transformation on the red carpet too. Basically, she wants that her dress to tell her story. She has always believed that fashion is all about the comfort and then style. She believes that the kind of a show that they wear and the make up they do has also inspired a lot of other shows as well. Now, being a part of the show from a very long time she says that she feels bad her contemporaries because they used to wear only traditional or simple saris on their show. When asked that what are similarities between her and her character Anika. She says that obviously, she is independent like her but in reality, she is not moophat like Anika. She does not use the words like paagalbilla or tadi in real life. But she loves the life of an actress and she says that whenever she goes to a mall so she can see that the people recognize her and usually come to speak to her.

In the show, ‘Ishqbaaz’ she married twice to her co-actor Nakuul in the show, but in the real life, she even denies to have a boyfriend. However, there were rumors that Nakuul with his wife Jankee and Surbhi along with her boyfriend went on a date together, but when asked actress denies all such rumors. However, Surbhi says that her co-star Nakuul and his wife are a great host and there is much time when the whole team party at their place, but that does mean that she is dating anyone. She says that if she has someone special in her life that surely she will talk about it. However, she says that she has to work 14 hours in a day and this year she was planning to go to Dubai to celebrate her birthday but she did not go. Moreover, she says that currently she is enjoying her life and her work and there is nothing she can more ask for.