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Sushant speaks about his fallout with Aditya Chopra

Sushant speaks about his fallout with Aditya Chopra

Sushant Singh Rajput has delivered a massive hit with ‘MS. Dhoni’, but for some reason, he is not spoken about in the same breath as Varun Dhawan, Arjun Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra. He did not have a dream launch. He made his debut with ‘Kai Po Che’, with an ensemble cast and for that he won best debut actor that year. He did two films after that all with Yash Raj Films. Then, he had a fallout with Aditya Chopra and walked out of ‘Paani’ after waiting for almost a year.

In the latest interview Sushant Singh Rajput has revealed the truth about what went wrong between him and Aditya Chopra. “I remember saying no to many films I really wanted to do at that point of time, just because I trusted somebody who was telling me, ‘No matter what, the film will be made.’ I can also understand that I am a newcomer and a filmmaker is putting in so much money, so he will have doubts, but it doesn’t take away the fact that if you decide not to do that film, you cannot not give me another film just because you know I have said no to so many films. That didn’t happen.” Sushant said

Talking about the wait before he decided to walk out of the project, Sushant said, “That was 11 months of the second year since making a debut. I did three films before that in one year and then I just had one year of doing nothing. But I shouldn’t say I wasn’t doing anything because I was spending time with Shekhar and that did a lot for me. After waiting for nine months, in the tenth month, I got to know that it won’t happen. I waited for another month, so I would get another film but it didn’t happen. I said, ‘Fine! Let’s find out for myself.”

While Shraddha Kapoor has also had issues with Aditya Chopra in the past, but later she was offered Thugs of Hindostan. So is Aditya Chopra approached Sushant for a movie, would he say yes? “If he offers me a film that he thinks I will do a good job in, I will do it,” Sushant said.