Tue. Dec 6th, 2022
Twitter Controversy

Siddharth-Saina controversy has taken a turnaround as the actor apologizes to the badminton champion via an open letter on his social media handle. Netizens trolled the actor for his ‘sexist comment’ on the player.

Siddharth-Saina’s Twitter Controversy

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Saina Nehwal recently tweeted regarding the security threat to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Ferozepur, Punjab. She joined Bharatiya Janta Party in 2020. To express her concern on PM Narendra Modi’s convoy on being stuck on a flyover on January 5, she wrote, ”No Nation can claim itself to be safe if the security of its own PM gets compromised. I condemn, in the strongest words possible, the cowardly attack on PM Modi by anarchists.”

In the reply to her tweet, actor Siddharth quoted Sania Nehwal with a comment, ”Subtle cock champion of the world… Thank God we have protectors of India. Shame on you #Rihanna.”
The repercussion of the comment led the actor to face huge criticism all over the internet.

NCW Issues A Notice Against Siddharth

Rekha Sharma's Tweet
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The National Commission for Women requested Twitter India to block the actor’s account over the tweet about the badminton champion, Saina Nehwal. The chairperson of the National Commission of Women, Rekha Sharma condemned the actor’s sexist remark. ”This man needs a lesson or two,” she said in a tweet. Twitter India why this person’s account still exists? Taking it up with concerned police,” wrote the chairperson.

Over the tweet, Saina Nehwal said that the actor could have used better words to express his thoughts.
”Yeah, I’m not sure what he meant. I used to like him as an actor but this was not nice. He can express himself with better words but I guess it’s Twitter and you remain noticed with such words and comments.” said the player.

Siddharth’s Written Apology To Saina Nehwal

Apology Letter
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Siddharth’s reaction towards the criticism made him clarify his intentions. The actor clears out that he did not mean to disrespect anyone and his tweet contained no kind of innuendo. The actor tweeted, ”Cock and bull. That’s the reference. Reading otherwise is unfair and leading.”

Actor Siddharth has apologized for his “rude joke” on the badminton player Saina Nehwal over his recent remark. He posted an apology letter on Twitter last night.

Siddharth penned down, ”Dear Saina, I want to apologise to you for my rude joke that I wrote as a response to a tweet of yours, a few days ago. I may disagree with you on many things but even my disappointment or anger when I read your tweet, cannot justify my tone and words. I know I have more grace in me than that.”
Saying that his “word play and humour” had no derogatory intent, the actor tweeted, “I am a staunch feminist ally and I assure you there was no gender implied in my tweet and certainly no intent to attack you as a woman.”
”You will always be my Champion,” wrote the actor.

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