‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ new season starts with same old jokes

Kapil Sharma announces release date of second film ‘Firangi’

Newly married Kapil Sharma premiered the first episode of the second season of his comedy show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show‘ this Saturday. Last night audience witnessed Kapil’s comeback on the small screen but the show was a little bit disappointing to the fans.

Although Kapil came back with a foolproof plan and reunited with his longtime archenemy Krushna and old friend Bharti Singh. All of the cast was almost the same so was the jokes, which did not impress the audience much.

Kapil joked about Kiku’s weight, Chandan’s face and complimented beautiful girls sitting behind Sidhu, everything just like the old season. The audience expected little change and a fresh concept at least. Beside Krushna and Bharti, everything was just like the old times. However, Krushna’s part added to the flavor and he did manage to tickle our ribs when he commented on Kapil and his active enmity.

The rest of the characters played the part. Even Bharati as Title Yadav did not bring anything new to the show. Kapil and Sumona’s bickering was same even Bachaa Yadav’s taunting about Kapil unemployment was same. And the audience can not laugh at the same joke over and over again unless it is Navjot Singh Sidhu.

Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty were the first guests on the show. they were here to promote their movie ‘Simmba‘ but it turned out to be the DeepVeer’s wedding promotion, as Kapil was stretching the same joke of getting jealous of Ranveer for marrying his crush Deepika. Others also came and made him jealous of the same thing.

Two weeks ago Sunil Grover also made his comeback on small screen with his ‘Kanpur Waale Khuranas’ on Star Plus and from this week, the audience will witness the competition, and they should make it worth a while.


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