The Legacy of Artists ft. Irrfan Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput

A still from Sonchiriya

What happens after an artist dies? The value of his artworks suddenly rises up, his image evolves as an iconic superhuman. It is very easy to love them or their work when the person is no longer and can’t evolve by the time. As years pass by, it only strengthens the brand value of his artworks. But is this what we can call as justice to their lives which were totally dedicated towards the art. No! So what can one do?

Over the past few months, the Indian Cinema lost its shooting stars including Irrfan Khan and Sushant Singh Rajput. And especially, the case of Sushant has taken the internet by storm. The actor’s last film Dil Bechara released last week and people went on to rate the movie with an aim that the movie should break all the records. Really? Indirectly it means that we are appreciating him just out of the sympathy of his death. 

Where were we when he was a part of the best masterpieces like Sonchiriya or Byomkesh Bakshi? So, it’s better that we take the legacy of these artists forward and we can only do that by appreciating the good and quality. And by supporting such artists we can carry forward their legacy of art. So, just don’t blindly follow the footsteps of any celebrity who might be just cashing on their death.

It’s you who can bring out a change and continue this legacy of art.

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