The Three Phases in ‘Masaan’ which makes it a Masterpiece!

What’s your experience with first love? Not generalizing this point, but not many of us end it up on a good note. Deepak & Shaalu’s story is charming as it commences but not for too long as the two parallels get trapped into the uncertainty of life & death. “Yeh Dukh Kaahe Khatam Nahi Hota,” this scene from the movie is really the most emotional scene I’ve ever watched.

A scene from Masaan

Deepak is not able to get over it until and unless he realizes the real meaning of life and understands why even on the difficult way, the life must go on.

A scene from Masaan

Devi gets caught in the maze of narrow minded society but she is bold and stands strong against everyone and is very clear about her decisions in life. In a scene from the movie, where she says that “Smaller the place, Smaller is the perspective” but later on in an another scene when she crosses path with a couple, she recalls her incident and realizes the point that it’s not just about a particular place.

Our life goes from an easy path to a difficult one. In a scene where Pankaj Tripathi is talking about trains halting at a station which is indirectly a metaphor to our life as it begins from an easy way but soon there are a lot of hurdles.

A scene from Masaan

Caste System in India has been prevailing from ages and even today it is deeply rooted. We can sit in metro cities and comment that reservations are not needed but when we’ll be aware of reality, our perspective will also change. This scene from the movie just highlights the division of Indian society on basis of caste which even today has not vanished.

If you haven’t watched Masaan yet, you must definitely go for it. A film which is worth rewatching as you understand it more better every time.

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