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The Top 10 Highest-Earning Male Bollywood Actors on Instagram

Do you think that Bollywood stars only earn money from their films and endorsements? You are probably living under a rock or in your own bubble then. Today, with the advent of social media, they have a new stream of income.

Gone are the days when they used to earn extra money while appearing in ads. They can now endorse a product at the comfort of their homes and reach their fans via Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Massively popular amongst social media platforms is Instagram.

A host of major celebrities have an Instagram account today. Fans can follow them, engage, and get a glimpse of their favorite stars’ daily life. This has helped brands, who wish to reach a wide audience. A major celebrity endorsing their product on Instagram can easily influence the people following him/her.

Instagram earnings of Indian actors

All it takes is one picture or video for a celebrity to endorse any brand or product. But what does it take for a brand to get stars to endorse their product? Surely, no Bollywood celeb endorses any product for free, after all, they are putting their face behind the product and brand.

Each star gets a good amount of money for promoting any brand on Instagram. Though, how much each gets differs. The major stars of Bollywood, who account for the most number of followers are also the ones earning a mammoth amount. Who are they and how much do they earn? We’ll decipher this down today for you.

So without further ado, Today we are listing down the Top 10 Highest earning Male actors on Instagram.

Top 10 Highest Earning Male Actors on Instagram : 

1.Akshay Kumar : 

Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi Kumar of Bollywood not only earns massive amounts from his films but is also the highest-earning male celebrity on Instagram. Having a following of about 44.1M, the actor’s estimated earnings, net worth, and engagement rate on the platform is as follows :

Estimated Earnings : Rs 10,242,121.66
Net Worth : Rs 1870 Crores
Engagement Rate: 2.37%

Yes, the number of estimated earnings you are reading is correct! The actor does earn such an amount. While Akshay usually posts about his films and the Indian Army on Instagram, he also endorses several products. Among the brands, he endorses on the platform is Prince Piping system, about which he made a post a few months back.

Akshay has the largest amount of followers for a male Bollywood celebrity, which shows his wide reach and the reason why he earns a massive amount of money from Instagram. Brands and people love to cash on his already popular image.

Kumar also has a slew of films coming up ahead, with, Luxxmi Bomb set to release on Disney+ Hotstar soon. Expect the success of his films to further increase his following and earnings on Instagram.

2. Salman Khan :

Salman Khan

No top 10 Bollywood list can be completed without the Bhaijaan of Bollywood. Salman Khan is a brand in himself. His name sells. The actor’s films make big bucks at the box office and even at the age of 54 years, he is still going strong. His Instagram numbers are as follows :

Estimated Earnings : Rs 8,535, 342.73
Net Worth: Rs 1900 Crores
Engagement Rate: 2.93%
Followers: 35.2M

Even though, Salman has fewer followers than Akshay he still has a better engagement rate. His ‘Being Human’ brand already has a cult following amongst his fans and during the lockdown, Salman released a slew of songs to engage his fans. Further, the actor also recently collaborated with Reliance to endorse sanitizers being sold by them, thus turning a crisis like COVID-19 to not only do a noble deed but create an opportunity for himself to engage with his fans.

Khan is also the brand ambassador of Pepsi. Brands like this and his continuing dominance at the box office makes him one of the highest-earning actors on Instagram. The actor’s last film was Dabbang which grossed Rs 230 crores at the worldwide box office. He has Radhe: The Most Wanted Man as his upcoming film and once the pandemic goes away, expect cash registers rolling.

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3. Ranveer Singh : 

Ranveer Singh

The man who is on a mission to conquer Bollywood. Ranveer Singh can be easily classified as the new age Superstar. His high energy, cool attitude, and enduring personality has made him a darling of the masses, with the youth loving him. Ranveer’s Instagram numbers are as follows :

Estimated Earnings : Rs 8,117,012.31
Net Worth : Rs 214 crores
Engagement Rate : 4.26%
Followers: 33.8M

After the success of his last three films, Padmaavat, Simmba, and Gully Boy the actor has become a name to be reckoned with. Brands immediately flocked to him and his constant presence on Instagram is what allures the youth towards him.

Even though Ranveer occupies the third spot on this list, he has an engagement rate almost double than Akshay and Salman. He is the official brand ambassador of the Premier League in India, Thumbs Up, Make My Trip, Big Muscles Nutrition, and, Adidas among others.

The actor usually posts about these brands on his Instagram account and his face and name sell like fire amongst the audience. Already, in limelight, the actor captures attention like no other.

4. Varun Dhawan : 

Varun Dhawan

Closely following Ranveer Singh, this new-gen Superstar, Varun Dhawan. His good looks, charm, and dancing skills have left people in awe of him. Considered one of the best actors of his generation, Varun Dhawan has a strong following and his Instagram numbers speak for itself.

Estimated Earnings : Rs 7,447,104.44
Net Worth : Rs 103 crores
Engagement Rate : 3.15%
Followers: 31.9M

The actor is famous amongst kids and the younger generation. His films have been Hits, with the exception of ‘Kalank’. Though, his image has remained intact. Varun endorses brands such as Reebok, Maruti Suzuki Arena, Fossil Watches, and Lux Cozi among others.

Brands cash on his boyish charm and presence among the youth. His popularity on Instagram has only soared over the years. As an actor, his next film, Coolie No. 1 is coming soon on Disney+ Hotstar which has already created a buzz on social media platforms.

5. Shahid Kapoor :

Shahid Kapoor

Not one to back down, Shahid Kapoor occupies the 5th place on this list. Guaranteed, that the actor has not seen tremendous success at the box office like the top 4, but all has changed in the past year for him. After, the release of Padmaavat and especially Kabir Singh, which became his highest-grossing film ever, Shahid has proved his power as an audience puller.

The following are his Insta numbers :

Estimated Earnings : Rs 6,977,101.95
Net Worth : Rs 258 crores
Engagement Rate : 5.41%
Followers: 29 M

The actor accounts for the highest engagement rate amongst all the actors mentioned in this list. Not only is Shahid known for his acting skills, but his good looks and an active social media life is what keeps him a favorite on the platform.

6. Shahrukh Khan : 

Shahrukh Khan

The Baadshah of Bollywood is surprisingly at the 6th place. The nation’s or rather the world’s biggest superstar is still capable of pulling a crowd whether it is on streets or on Instagram. His Instagram numbers are the following :

Estimated Earnings : Rs 5,523,882
Net Worth : Rs 4200 crores
Engagement Rate : 4.15%
Followers: 22.3 M

Shahrukh Khan does not need much money as it can be seen from the massive net worth he has accumulated. Still, the actor is earning good bucks from Instagram. While his films may not have been working as of late but his production house Red Chillies Entertainment has released a slew of films and tv shows on Netflix recently.

His collaboration with Netflix, brand endorsements, and an inimitable personality keep him high on the list even at the age of 54. He is still the king and compared with Salman and Akshay, Shahrukh has a better engagement ratio.

7. John Abraham : 

John Abraham

Our Johnny Boy is the Fitness Icon of India and continues to be an inspiration for many. Unlike other stars on the list, John is not that active on social media but when he posts, he makes sure it is worth your time. His following Instagram numbers shows his popularity even with minimal presence :

Estimated Earnings : Rs 1,990,518.08
Net Worth : Rs 220 crores
Engagement Rate : 4.54%
Followers: 8.1M

John owns his own clothing line, Ecko Utd, coupled with other brand endorsements which makes him a popular figure on Instagram. The youth looks up to him for Fitness and girls swoon over him, which is why he engages people at a higher rate than those above him in the list with the sole exception of Shahid.

Currently, the actor has Satyamev Jayate 2 in his kitty as his next film. His action films, Satyamev Jayate, Batla House were well received at the box office, which has kept him going strong. Brands and people love him, which makes his Instagram a good place for him to earn some bucks.

8. Abhishek Bachchan : 


No one would have expected Abhishek to be on this list. However, the actor who has seen a resurgence in his career has quite a decent following on Instagram. Anurag Kashyap’s Manmarziyaa brought him back to the limelight and his recent Amazon Prime show, Breathe: Into The Shadows, further increased his gradually increasing following. AB junior’s following numbers reflect his strong presence on social media :

Estimated Earnings : Rs 1,506,035.21
Net Worth : Rs 230 crores
Engagement Rate : 0.34%
Followers: 6.3M

Abhishek has the lowest engagement rate on Instagram in this list.

9. Farhan Akhtar : 


The multi-talented man, Farhan Akhtar has made a name for himself in the industry. When he is not busy directing and acting, he is busy producing films and TV shows under his banner Excel Entertainment. This is what keeps his presence on social media active, along with his talent for singing and poetry. Farhan’s Instagram numbers are the following :

Estimated Earnings: Rs 778,129.63
Net Worth: Rs 140 crores
Engagement Rate: 4.54%
Followers: 3M

Even with the following of 3M, Farhan manages to engage audiences at a rate more than Salman, Akshay, Ranveer, Varun, and Shahrukh. It is an indicator of his ability to captivate people without much hullabaloo.

10. Arjun Rampal: 

arjun rampal

Born with debonair looks, Arjun Rampal rounds off this list. Arjun’s last few films have failed to work at the box office, though this doesn’t mean that the actor is not popular anymore. He still has a few brand endorsements to his name, with his personal life a constant source of attraction for the audience. His Insta numbers show his engaging abilities still exist. The numbers are as follows :

Estimated Earnings: Rs 405, 736.30
Net Worth: Rs 147 crores
Engagement Rate: 3.73%
Followers: 1.7M

He might not be doing many films anymore or might not have much in his kitty, even this though didn’t stop him from creating a decent presence on Instagram and earn a fair share of his money. He is still ruling the hearts of many, be it on social media.

These are the male Bollywood stars who are dominating Instagram unlike no other. They are successful, they are smart and they are the kings of Instagram. All hail the top 10 highest-earning Instagram male Bollywood actors.

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