The ‘Womaniyas’ of Mirzapur 2 who drove the narrative!

A still from Mirzapur

The first season of Mirzapur became too popular in no time and hence was perceived as one of the highly-rated web series in India. And now that the second season has also aired, people are open to various interpretations evoking mixed reviews. Many ought to believe that the first season is better than the recently released one. But in the end, it depends on one’s perspective. Keeping that in mind, we would like to share our perspective of the second season as well which everyone noticed and considered it to be one of the best parts of the second season i.e the ‘Womaniyas’ of Mirzapur 2.

The second season precisely talks about the change in characters, both psychologically and in terms of power. It introduces a few new characters adding up to the universe of Mirzapur creating new story arcs that supposedly were interesting too like Dadda Tyagi and the ‘Judwaas’ played by Vijay Varma. In a bit, Mirzapur 2 essayed the different ways to fight back along with entertainment.

And this time, it’s the ladies of Mirzapur who steal the show completely as they learn to fight back cleverly taking over their obstacles. In a patriarchal setup, these women stand out and drive the whole narrative. To begin with, is Rasika Dugal’s character which according to me is the best one out of the three characters we will be discussing. She’s the one who plays it quite smart in the story. It’s not the Beena Tripathi we came across in season 1, where she knows the best ways to take her revenge against those who’ve trapped her in different ways. She tricks everyone with her good behavior in a way hiding her mysterious plans. And things definitely work out for her.

A still from Mirzapur 2

The next one is Golu played by Shweta Tripathi, she has taken the lead in the show. Being on the front foot now, seeking revenge, she is patient enough and waits for the perfect time to attack. She finds a way to survive in the world of goons and guns, at the same time getting close to her target. And last but not least is Madhuri Yadav, a new character of the show played by Isha Talwar. A widow who eventually works for her father’s political campaigns and how by the end of the series, there’s a great change within her as she drives herself in politics.

The ‘Womaniyas’ of Mirzapur 2 has definitely impressed the viewers driving the whole story and making it worth their performances. The characters are well written, kudos to the makers.

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