Varun Dhawan : Not treated differently by people close to me!

No one from his family member or from his family are treating him differerntly

Bollywood actor Varun Dhawan says that he was not been treated differently by the people who are close to him. Varun has given the nine blockbuster movies since he made his Bollywood debut in 2012 however, he says that he does not get any special treatment from the people who are close to him.

Varun says that his family and friends are treating him in the same way. On not having his lunch his mom shouted at him. He doesn’t think that anyone is treating him differently and he feels that he is still getting the same treatment. For him, the main thing is that as an actor he has to put a smile on people’s face.

However, he says that when his movie ‘Judwaa 2’ was about to release at that time box office was not going from a good time and as soon as their movie got released the things changed as the movie did really well. Now, the box office collection is looking good because after the movie ‘Judwaa 2’ there were few movies that did well at the Box Office.

Moreover, actor Varun Dhawan said that hip-hop genre bugs him at a very young age and at a time he used to wear baggy pants and he used to think that he is living in a hip-hop way. Many a time he got reprimanded in his school and it happened when he started listening to their songs and started reading their stories, that he understood their culture.