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Vidya Balan : Don’t want my persona to be bigger than my film character!

I don’t want my persona to be bigger than my film character, says Vidya Balan!
An Indian actress Vidya Balan says that she does not want her persona to be bigger than her movie's character.

An Indian actress Vidya Balan says that she does not want her persona to be bigger than her movie’s character. Vidya is presently gearing up for her upcoming comedy-drama movie title ‘Tumhari Sulu’, which is directed by Suresh Triveni and produced by Bhushan Kumar under the banners of T-Series and Ellipsis Entertainment. The movie features Vidya Balan in the role of a late night Radio jockey in Mumbai, Manav Kaul as Vidya Balan’s husband and actress Neha Dhupia as Vidya’s Boss.

Recently Vidya Balan was present at the launch of the Shobha De’s 20th novel title ‘Seventy And to Hell With It’ at the India Habitat Center. About her novel, Shobha says that she has seen and lived the change in her life she feels that there is so much contradiction yet there is a tremendous optimism when she calls herself as a child of the republic. They were talked about the topics ranging from politics to films and the evening was celebrated to feminine spirit. They also talk about the women in the film industry and they have observed that the women in or out the film industry are achieving a great height as compared to the male counterparts had achieved.

Both Shobha and Vidya mention that Indira Gandhi was said to be the only man in her cabinet and they feel really proud that the female actors are the fourth Khan as well as they are termed as a hero. Shobha De says that she would love to hear from one of the Khans that they would love to portray actress Vidya on the screen or he would love to be in her shoes however she fears that is unlikely to happen.

An actress Vidya Balan has been recently appointed as a member of the Central Board of Film Certification and she has highlighted that the members have to show their efforts against inequality because she believes that it has now reached as a boiling point for all of them and they are now really angst-driven. Vidya feels that they are an angry goddess and they need answers now and they are not going to wait for the claim from the world. Vidya feels that they should be continued the efforts of women who are defining themselves at the center stage.

When asked from the actress that does she feels that the Bollywood is giving equal chance to the actress? On this Vidya says that in the industry there are a lot of people who are just ready to accept the women with a strong opinion and she even cited to the recent Kangana Ranaut’s nepotism controversy as abrasive. She says that many have a perception that they all want an actress to look desirable and desirable women are not intelligent, articulate and progressive. If the people see women having an opinion of being intelligent they will consider it as a threat to their status.

Vidya even mentions that when she started her career her mother used to accompany her to the sets and she used to stay away from the post-shoot get-together. She used to get very much scared from the thought of it as it is a big bad world. She always makes sure that she does not come across as vulnerable. Vidya comes from a very secure and a protective south Indian family so she has a lot of chance that she can walk away. Many of a time she has also sensed her father worries related to her and she feels that is natural whenever the daughters step out every father get worried.

Even then also the casting couch was in the industry and was even highlighted plenty number of times by many of the actors however she clarified that now these days casting couch does not exit as much it is used to be and the people were very scared of a sting operation. She says that she is been very lucky in that because she has never faced any such thing in her 12 years of her career. However, she said that most of the time she felt that there is something wrong then she always chose to walk away from that opportunity.

She even mentions about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior with the many of his female actors and she feels really proud that all those women were very brave that came out in the public and they have raised their voices against it. She feels that the Bollywood actress did not come out in support of each other because they did want them to be in the trouble. Moreover, she says that Harvey case could have been out very early but many of the actresses chose to keep quiet because most of the people think that they have grown up too big for your boots and they often consider them as a troublemaker. They do not want themselves to be seen as someone having more political affiliations and they are often feared from commenting on the political issues because that can really bring problems for hundreds of people that are associated with the movie.

About her new job as the member of the Central Board of Film Certification, she says that she is on the same page just like the other committee members. She says that the whole industry is thinking in a particular way for the previous board until and unless she agrees to be a part of it at least she has attempted to do so however she feels that she does not have a right to criticise it. She does not feel like over coming to the changes but she says that you will yourself feel the changes in coming three years.

When asked from the actress if there are any issues that she has to bring out before the movies certification? Vidya Balan says that they should not get touchy to every little thing once the board has shown the green signal it means that it is cleared to run on the screens. She believes that movies are generally based on the someone’s imagination and it should not be confused with making a political statement. Vidya feels that people should have some sense of humor as she is saying it correctly because she has to release her upcoming movie ‘Tumhari Sulu’ in November

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