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Vikram Bhatt : Life in the spotlight has cost me a lot!

Life in the spotlight has cost me a lot: Filmmaker Vikram Bhatt!
An Indian film director Vikram Bhatt says that his life has been in the spotlight and has cost him a lot and he has paid heavily.

An Indian film director Vikram Bhatt says that his life has been in the spotlight and has cost him a lot and he has paid heavily for that. Vikram had a very rocky start in the Bollywood and he has faced many upheavals in his personal life, but despite that, he has earned a lot of fame with his movies like ‘Ghulam’, ‘Raaz’, ‘1920’ and much more.

Vikram says that he has paid for things and had done because he has been into a spotlight and everyone knows that nothing comes for free in this world if someone wants to chase fame then he/she has to pay a price for that fame you can not convenient fame. The one can not demands for only the good things in their life because bad things come along with the good things. So if you crave for the spotlight you have to even pay for that.

Presently, he is working on his web series with a title ‘Spotlight 2’, which is about a rise and fall of a star singer. Vikram was earlier married to his childhood sweetheart Aditi and with her, he even has a daughter named Krishna. Later, he was having an affair with the actress Sushmita Sen and that was the reason why his marriage broke and after that, he even dated Ameesha Patel.

Vikram says that we all have caught up so much into an insular world that we all are swinging between our phones, computers and we all have forgotten to look out of the window. He said that there used to be a lot of things which make him feel happy, but now they have stopped making him happy because he does not live in that world anymore. He believes everyone should live in the real world. Now, there is a time when people have actually started calling less and they do whatsapp more people have forgotten the connections and they moved away.

Vikram even feels that technology has changed the consumption pattern of entertainment junkies in India and he reminds of the time when he broke new ground with the web series ‘Maaya’, which was the first Indian fictional work on BDSM. When he started working on the web series at that time people are just not interested in doing a web series and now most of them call him up and say that let’s do something and he feels that is a very good thing and it is the future.

When asked that does he find the platform more liberating as it comes without the limitations and even the censorship does not interfere in between. On this Vikram said that there is a self-censorship and it is not that there is no censorship on that platform we all have a frontal nudity and all of that because it is a matter of fact that the audience itself censors what they see on their phone. These days everything is WiFi and data connections and people are becoming very discerning if they want to see a show for the story they will see the show and if they want to see the comedy show they will see the comedy show only.

The main motive lies in engaging the audience interest. He feels that the only way you can captive audience is by your content or if the audience has bought the ticket, you are a captive audience even if the movie is an average entertainer. But in a web series, it is totally different because even if you have a one minute of a boredom then people will switch it off and go somewhere else. With the platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime videos are establishing their presence in India and announcing shows with the movie stars and that star factor is going to give a fillip to that medium.

Vikram thinks that the star will give you the first 1.5 or 2 minutes of attention from the audience and after that, the story will not be going to grab the attention and then you can kiss your content and can say goodbye. He feels that the web series has become life very easier because all you need is to work on your own stories and we don’t need to tolerate stars and their makeup vans and makeup mans and even they do not have to get down the road.

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