Vishal Dadlani : You need hunger to succeed, passion to excel!

Vishal is all set to host a new show 'Grilled'

Indian singer and a composer, Vishal Dadlani says that you need hunger to succeed and a passion to excel. He is currently judging a show with a title ‘Grilled’ and he says that whether it is music or food, all the people should have hunger and a passion to make it big in life. Vishal says that he was seen as a judge on various television shows and he has a keen eye for identifying the right mix of the passion and a talent in a contender. He truly believes that be it any industry music or food you always need that hunger to succeed and a passion to excel in whatever you put on the plate.

He feels that the music and the food are two things which always keeps him going and when he got an opportunity to be the part of the show so he immediately said yes. Vishal thinks that along with food, presentation skills are also very important. He says that along with the balanced flavours of the dish there are some of the metrics that he would be judging all the 12 contestants on. The show ‘Grilled’ was brought by the lifestyle channel FOX Life. The show helps in giving the aspiring food entrepreneurs an opportunity to realize their restaurant dreams. The show will air earlier this week. The show will feature 12 contestants all across the country and they all will be competing to put forth unique business ideas and to be taken through the series of gruelling restaurant challenges.

The show ‘Grilled’ will be teaching all the contestants a various aspect to start their own business. The makers of the show will be creating a five-star experience for the real diners in one of the Mumbai’s most sought-after restaurants. In the show, they will be teaching them from the whipping up an authentic restaurant menu without the availability of the key ingredient and the contestant in the show will be grilled across various aspects of what it takes to start their own restaurants. After the 10-part series, only one contestant will clinch the ultimate dream investment of up to Rs 1.5 crore to start their own culinary venture.

Along with the singer Vishal, food and beverage tycoon Riyaaz Amlani and Chef Sarah Todd will also be seen judging the contestants on their passion, creativity, knowledge, business acumen and potential to succeed in the trade. The CEO and Managing Director, Director, Impresario Handmade Restaurants, and President of The National Restaurant Association of India, Riyaaz Amlani says that his role in the show is of an investor. He is looking for the big ideas and he moreover pointed out that how the restaurant is a whole lot more than just cooking skills. He says that the competitive scene is very much tougher from where he has started. He says that it takes a lot more than for the restaurants to get noticed now. The show will not be helping only one contestant in achieving his/her dream, but this show will be providing the inspiration for the thousands of those who are watching it from their home and they hope that they will open their own restaurant someday. While the third judge, Chef Sarah Todd is a product of a reality television show and he says that being a judge is like revisiting his own journey.