Vivek Oberoi, Omung Kumar confirmed to judge India’s Best Dramebaaz Season 3

India’s Best Dramebaaz gears up for its 3rd season with none other than Vivek Oberoi and Omung Kumar as co-judges alongside Sonali Bendre. The award-winning actor and director have both confirmed the legitimacy of this news in official public statements.

Vivek Oberoi has been part of India’s Best Dramebaaz since 2013, as he sat alongside Sonali Bendre in the judging panel for both the first and seconds of the reality show. In a statement regarding his feelings upon being chosen as the judge for India’s Best Dramebaaz for the third time in a row, Vivek announced that the TV show had always been very close to his heart. He stated that he loved watching and mentoring some of the greatest young talents across the country for the past two seasons, and was very grateful and excited to be given the chance to do so once again.

Omung Kumar also confessed that he had been following and enjoying India’s Best Dramebaaz ever since its first season, and was extremely elated to finally become a part of it. Kumar highlighted the fact that he was looking forward to mentor the new blood into becoming the best acting prodigies of India, as he praised all the participants of the show. Omung also divulged that he started his TV career as a host for Just Ek Minute back in the 90s, so he felt that his life was finally coming a full circle, and proclaimed that he could not be more excited to judge the third season of India’s Best Dramebaaz this year.


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