Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

In the middle of the pandemic ‘wordle’ turns out to be a new sensation among the players worldwide.

Recently, a simple puzzle game which challenges your vocabulary went viral, from dozens of players to a hundred of players that too in a few months. Those green-yellow boxes have started to snatch limelight in every land possible.

It is a game wherein the players must guess a five-letter word by entering the five different characters in boxes provided. Players have only six chances to get it right.

The drill is, if the letter isn’t in the desired word, then the letter will turn grey. If it is in the wrong position, then it will turn yellow and green if the letter is in the desired word and at the right position.

It all started when a Brooklyn based software engineer Josh Wardle, created the game for his partner, Palak Shah.

But as people began sharing the word game with each other, its obsession increased multifold, in such a manner that it is acing the gaming world currently.

A salient feature that keeps on building the excitement of the players is that there is only one puzzle per day. So, in case you don’t get it right, you must wait until tomorrow to get a fresh puzzle altogether.

The creator explains this anxiety by saying that the game “leaves people wanting more”.

Some pointers worth remembering while you attempt the game:

  • First word, interestingly it is the most important thing in the whole puzzle because rest of your choices are dependent on it. Therefore, one can avoid using words with letters like W, Z, Q or X. Using words with more than one vowel in it would be a good choice here.
  • Optimum use of the color-codes, there is keyboard at the bottom of the wordle board. Now, one must make sure that should not use greyed out letter again. Use green letter from the previous chance for the exact same place. Try to use yellow letter at different positions.
  • Third guess is totally dependent upon your choice. The common strategy of sudoku puzzle would do in this round.

  • Fourth guess, it’s the best time to know if any letter is appearing twice. For eg. Ferry, Canal etc. As unfortunately, it doesn’t have a different color code for the letters that are appearing twice. Therefore, we must rely upon the hit and trial method.
  • If at all, you couldn’t make it right, then please ponder upon one of the inbuilt features of Wordle. New day, new word. Hence using the same set of letters that you have used previously would not be wise.

Its pretty simple, yet reinforcing. Now, you know all the tricks and you are ready to ace it in no time. Keep Josh’s josh high and keep wordling.



One thought on “Wordle: a puzzle game that started with a love story, has gone viral!”
  1. Strange. I thought ‘Cows & Bulls’ (same as this game) is at least 50 years old. I used to play it with friends in school (we used to do 4 letter words). There are a couple of others like ‘Shift’ where you go from one word to another changing only one letter at a time.

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