Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode 496 written update, December 6: A surprise for Ishita and Raman

The recent episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins as Neeti continues to reveal that her mother didn’t die because of Ishita and Raman. They’re innocent. Arijit is shocked to learn the truth and can’t believe that he committed such a big mistake by trying to ruin Ishita’s life. The police arrive to arrest Arijit and Shardul. Arijit begins to feel guilty of his wrongdoings and begs for Ishita and Raman’s forgiveness. He also wants them to take care of Neeti. Ishita assures him that they’re going to treat Neeti as their own daughter. Neeti is grateful to Mihinka and Ishita for caring for her while being sick and decides to go away with her father. Raman and Ishita suggest that she should take rest because she hasn’t recovered yet.

Simmi apologizes to Ishita for not trusting her, and Toshi ji embraces Raman. The Bhallas reunite with Raman and celebrate their happiness. In their room, Ishita and Raman share a romantic moment after a long time and confess their love for each other.

The Bhalla family decide to leave for dinner. Aliya and Yug want to stay at home, and everyone believes that they just want to be alone together. When the family comes back home, they discover that Yug and Aliya have made a surprise collage for Ishita and Raman. Everyone is delighted to see the pictures of themselves as they used to be in the beginning and is overwhlemed with emotions. Ishita tells Ruhi that she will always remain the person she loved from the start.

Tomorrow: Ruhi in trouble.


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