Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode 503, written update, December 17: Ishita goes missing, Prisha gives advice to Ruhi

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins just after Karan and Sudha’s accident. Raman reaches the site, but faints because of the smoke from the engine. All the members of Bhalla family also arrive, and save Karan, Sudha and Raman. Sudha feels very guilty because of her actions recently and agrees for Karan and Ruhi’s wedding. At home, Ruhi is still unsatisfied and feels Sudha won’t entirely accept her even after the wedding. Ishita tries to comfort her, but Ruhi wants to cancel the wedding. Ishita assures Ruhi, they’ll do things according to her wishes. Raman and the whole family disagrees with her decision.

Ruhi tries to leave India, but meets Prisha in a cafe. Prisha assures her that just because Ruhi can’t become pregnant doesn’t mean she’s a failure. Nothing is wrong with her. Ruhi finally understands her meaning and is grateful for her help.

Ishita goes missing, and Aliya thinks she’s upset because they yelled during the argument. Ishita has also switched off her phone. Aliya asks Yug to try and find Ishita.

Ishita finally comes back home. Ruhi hugs her and apologizes for her behavior. Ishita isn’t upset with her, and tells her they’ll manage the situation about adoption as well. Karan arrives and tells Ruhi he loves her. The whole family is happy with their reunion and begin preparations for the wedding tomorrow. Yug comes to Ishita and tells Aliya is vomiting and her clothes are not fitting her. Ishita tells her not to worry and its just the symptoms of pregnancy.

Tomorrow: Ruhi and Karan’s wedding.


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