Yeh Hai Mohabbatein episode 504, written update, December 18: Ruhi and Karan’s wedding

The upcoming episode of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein begins with the preparations for Ruhi and Karan’s wedding. Madhu tells Mihika to give Ruhi a heavy necklace as a gift. Ruhi is overwhelmed when she sees how her family is bestowing gifts on her. Simi comes to her, and grants her the jewelry that she’d kept for Ananya. Ruhi is overwhelmed with emotion. Raman and Ishita are planning a surprise for Ruhi. In the morning, Ruhi begins to get worried and calls Karan. She asks him if he still wants to marry her, even if she can’t give him a child. Karan gets offended and tells her to stop being so worried. He loves her, and will always care for her without any conditions.

In the evening, the Bhalla house is decorated for the marriage ceremony. Karan arrives with his family, and Ruhi enters the mandap. She looks beautiful. Their wedding ceremony begins. Sudha begins to hear the cries of a child and goes outside. She finds an abandoned infant and brings it inside. Ishita, and Shagun tell her to take the child back outside because they don’t know his parentage.

Then, Prisha arrives and tells everyone that the child belongs to her but she’s looking for new parents for him. Raman¬† tells her to take him away. Sudha gets emotional. Ruhi and Karan get up from the mandap. Ruhi asks Sudha if she and Karan can adopt the child. Sudha gives her permission. It’s then revealed Ishita and Raman planned the whole thing so that Sudha could accept the child. Ruhi and Karan tie the knot and receive blessings from their families.


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