YouTuber Vijay Nair who made abusive video on women moves to Kerala HC over bail plea of activists: Click here to know more!!

Women 'Activist' who attacked YouTuber
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YouTuber Vijay Nair who was in the news not long ago has now moved to the High Court. He was in news for posting a damaging video on ladies. He is trying to be made involved with the becoming aware of an expectant bail request documented. Bail’s request was documented by dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi and activists Diya Sana and Sreelakshmi Arackal.

Vijay Nair told the court that he ought to be heard prior to considering the pre-capture bail. Three ladies have been named as a denounced on his grievance. The ladies had defied Vijay at his habitation in Thiruvananthapuram in September over an injurious video he posted on YouTube. The video is named ‘For what reason do women’s activists in India, particularly Kerala, not wear clothing’.

YouTuber who made abusive video on women
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The ladies poured dark ink on the man and slapped him, approaching him to apologize for the video. They additionally said at that time that in spite of different grumblings being documented with the police, there was no activity taken and along these lines. Hence, they chose to face the man.

About Vijay Nair HC request

In his request to the HC, Vijay Nair says that he must be made the second respondent for the situation as he is the ‘person in question’. If the residents begin taking law in their grasp, it will prompt political agitation,” he said in the request.

In any case, Vijay Nair didn’t offer any remark on the raunchy and injurious video against ladies that he posted on YouTube, in his supplication to the court. He said that the claim made by one of the ladies that he attempted to outrage her modesty is bogus. Vijay Nair in his request dated October 27 claims that the blamed people have a political impact and that the assault on him was essential for a ‘bigger connivance’.

Then, the High Court will consider the expectant bail supplication documented by Bhagyalakshmi and others on Friday. It must be seen whether the court will think about the supplication of Vijay Nair or not. Prominently, it was following the encounter by the three ladies that the police booked Vijay for posting the coarse video in any case. He is now temporarily free from jail.