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The quote “United we stand, divided we fall” is most apt for bangaloreans. The city consists of techies who are like minded and are responsible towards the city. I have witnessed marathons, flash mobs, Cyclothons, rallies and many such activities, in support of various causes that were ruining human relations along with a devastating impact on nature. These actions wouldn’t have fetched them immediate results, but it was an eye opener to the culprits who had contributed in various anti – social activities.


The cycle day is an initiative by The Times of India, started in October 2003. The programme is organized on the last Sunday of every month, where cyclist from different parts of India participates in the cycling expedition. The objective is to spread awareness among Bangaloreans, to reclaim their streets and to spread the message that roads are not only meant for motor vehicles. The cyclists will be pedaling their eco friendly bikes near Agara Lake in Jakkasandra on 25th may, 2014 from 7.00 am onwards. The participants not only create social awareness, but also contribute to their health as cycling is one of the best forms of exercise. It tones the body and relaxes the mind.



After the cycling expedition, the roads besides the Agara Lake will turn into an open gym. Experts will organize sledge hammering of tyres and various fun-filled workouts. The last edition of Cycle Day had more than 1000 participants. There is an opportunity for the children as well. They are the most innocent soul. They can draw on the roads using different colored chalk pieces and bring the best out of them. The following are the event sponsors:

  •  Bengaluru Coalition for Open Streets
  •  DULT
  •  Praja Raag
  •  ESAF
  •  Bangalore Traffic Police
  •  BBMP

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Neha Dhar

+91 9739099230

By Prithviraj Singh Chauhan

Part time journalist, full-time observer. Editor-in-Chief at The Indian Wire. I cover updates related to business and startups.

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