This Makar Sankranti, fly like a pilot

injured birds

First of all, Happy Makar Sankranti to all. As we all know, Jaipur and Jaipurites are the craziest fan of Makar Sankranti over the globe. You will not found such craze anywhere else. Makar Sankranti is actually the day when the Sun begins its movement away from the Tropic of Capricorn.

Moving apart from the technical talks, we want all the Jaipurites to play safe this year. Every festival is a day of joy for Everyone. Everyone not just include mankind, it includes all living creatures. Makar sankranti, however turns sad for the birds everytime. Many birds die with the string we fly kite with. In the city like Jaipur not only birds but people who are riding also get hurt.

injured birds

Kite Injury

Here we bring you some suggestions by which you can fly safe and enjoy the festival even more.

  • If you found any injured bird, go and look it first.
  • If you find birds approaching your string, set your string loose.
  • Don’t leave any string hanging on roofs roads etc , any bike rider may get serious injuries from it.
  • Never fly from rooftops which are having no protective walls or having small walls.
  • Never fly from unknown place or building.
  • If you are living very close to Airport, try not to fly in that area.

Apart from that we are also including a few contact numbers which you should use in case of and bird emergency.

Contact Numbers to report injured birds

Team Raksha :- +919828500065

Vaishali Nagar :- Dr. Vikas Sharma, +919829175186

Malviya Nagar:- Dr. Sangita Bhargav, +919414311031

Jagatpura:-  Dr. Arvind Mathur, +919414049184

Pashu Chikitsalaya, MI Road:- 01412373237

Bani Park:- Sonia Karamchandani, 01412281535

Dr. T.M. Ramchandani, +919314873297

Raja Park:- Manish Saxena, +917877677969

Vidhyadhar Nagar:- Dr. C.P singh, +919414248579

Jhotwara:- Mahendra Soni, +919828502700

Dr. Madan Singh, +919414336350

Pakshi Chikitsalaya, Sanganeri Gate:- 01412575801

Durgapura, Dr R.R. Vaidya:- +919828227701

Harmada:- Dr Lokesh, +919314232521

Badi Chopad:-  Dr. Jitendra Rajoriya, +919414228901

Bhramapuri:- Vaibhav, +919785396266

Moti Dungri, Adarsh Nagar:- Dr Fateh lal choudhary +919636650257

Sanganer:- 01412791202

Devendra Singh, +919829103274

Sodala:- Arvind Kumar, +917790914601

All the above shown Images and Contact numbers were provided by Rajasthan Patrika. We are very thankful to for such work.