Be Safe wins Kingfisher Derby 2014 – (Image Gallery)

One of the most awaited events of the season, Kingfisher Derby 2014 got over finally with a great success at Bangalore Turf Club on July 13th, 2014.

Kingfisher Derby, entering into the 27th edition was all set for a day with great entertainment, enthusiasm and celebration. The crowd seemed a lot excited despite of the continuous rain throughout the day. The crowd included the general public, the VIPs and VVIPs who were all there to enjoy the derby.

There were quiet a few people assuming Be Safe horse to win, seeing the last few performances, and the jockey Suraj Narredu proved them right by winning the 2000m competition with a big margin claiming a prize money of whooping 1.5 Crore approx.

Let’s take you through the whole event. Check the image gallery below.

kingfisher derby

kingfisher derby 1kingfisher




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