4 Summer Wardrobe Malfunctions You Should Avoid

Summer, the best time to wear that flowy chic dress, that cute skirt, that fitted sleeveless kurta and so much more. Then there are malfunctions! They are inevitable, embarrassing and often go unnoticed till someone points it out and it’s too late. You just hope that you can just melt then and there. But don’t worry, we got you covered.

Here are 4 Wardrobe Malfunctions for this Summer and How to Avoid Them.

  • Flowy skirt- Don’t you just hate it when you wear that cute short skirt and step out, and that gushing wind gives you the Marilyn Monroe moment every freaking time? Here’s a way out! Place some Rs5 coins at the hem of the skirt from the inside and tape them and Voila! Say bye to the Monroe moments.
  • Nip-Slip- It’s summer and do you want to wear that sexy backless dress but afraid of nip-slip? Band-aid to the rescue! Use band-aids over your nipples and go bra-less. No nip-slip without your consent. *wink*.
  • White woes- Wearing white can be sometimes tricky especially when your bra is visible through your white clothes. Here’s a solution, wear nude underwear to rock that white kurta.
  • Entanglement of bras- It’s so irritating to wear sleeveless and bra strap is playing peek-a-boo. Secure the strap using band aid with the sleeves and that’s it, you’re done!

So go ahead and enjoy the summer without any worries.