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Fashion Tips for Mumbai Collegians

Mumbai is a city bustling with collegians. All the latest fashion trends, from the fashion weeks or Bollywood films, are adopted first by this young crowd. Shruti Barot gives you 10 of the most important fashion tips for the college goers of this metropolis.

Mumbai is a city bustling with college goers. One in every third person you see here is a college student. It is but natural that they are the heart and soul of this city. Majority of movie promotions are done at various colleges today. All the latest fashion trends, from the fashion weeks or Bollywood films, are adopted first by this young crowd. Every girl wants to be the Alia Bhatt of her college and it’s Siddharth Malhotra for the guys. But sometimes, in their attempt to make a statement through their dressing style, some go wrong, or worse, some fall flat.

Shruti Barot, a collegian herself, gives you 10 of the most important fashion tips for the college goers of this metropolis. Say goodbye to fashion blunders!

1) Vary your style
This is the golden rule of looking good and attracting all the eyeballs. You don’t want to be known as the girl with the pony or the guy always in different lookschecks. Get rid of those wardrobe favourites and change your style. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean carry a new look every day, because that would be absurd. But say goodbye of those comfy black footwear that goes with everything or the same kind of self colour tees. Keeping a balance between prints and plain tees, or the right amount of accessories is the way to go.
applying makeup

2) Break up the make up
Girls, those layers of makeup are not going to launch your modeling career. Ditch the lipstick, powder and paint. Honestly, the ones that walk into the class with a blush on or eye shadow become the butt of all jokes for the rest of the day. The most crucial part of applying makeup is, guess what: understanding it first. Of course a kajal or a gloss won’t do any harm but please know your limits. Remember: less is more.

3) Don’t expose
Xpose is the name of Himesh Reshamiyas film and girls you are not starring in it. The mantra is “classy is the new sexy”. You do not need hot shorts exposingor those low neck tops in order to look fabulous. However hot you think it is to reveal, please do us all a favour and avoid it. You’ll only attract unnecessary attention by such means and it does no good. So listen to your nagging grandma and dress appropriately.

4) Branded by brands
This refers to all the brand loyalists. Branded items of dressing may seem like a status symbol but don’t go overboard with it. It’s just the branded clothes that draw attention all the time. Girls especially should know how street shopping can work wonders. And for the guys, those Nike shoes don’t make you look smart, but the way you carry them does. So break this stereotype and don’t worry about the labels.

5) V- necks and floral prints – beware
This one’s for the boys. Be on high alert as this virus has reached many. Unless you’re as handsome as Hrithik Roshan, girls do not appreciate guys wearing V neck tees or floral prints. Although it’s commendable to be brave enough to try them but these surely are a risky piece of clothing in a guy’s wardrobe. Now, many fashion “experts” may disagree with me on this but this is certainly the opinion of many and not just me. Avoid these and make life easier.
floral print

 6) Attire determines attitude
Okay, so every youngster will agree with me that college is a place where the way you dress matters (apart from studies :P). But this doesn’t mean that you dress like you’re going to a college in a Karan Johar flick. If you walk in looking like you’ve come to party, then oh boy you’re going to have to face the glare of all the lecturers. And don’t think this applies to the girls only. Guys if you expect to look cool with those silk shirts then in all politeness, buy a mirror.

7) Bad hair and bad wear days
This is a disastrous scenario for any college going person. Entering the classroom with ‘champu’ hair is considered mortal sin. But I’m here to tell you that it really isn’t a big deal. Bad hair, stained shirt or broken flip flops; whatever the catastrophy, there’s no need for panic. If you act confident, it could well turn out to be the latest fad.  And who knows, the negative publicity may actually shoot you more into the limelight than your facebook dp!

8) Experiment…but not much
Feeling courageous? Go out there, explore, mix and match, think out of the box, but know where to draw the line. There’s a very fine line between getting it right and not getting it at all. Not everyone can carry off the ‘jhatak’ looks like Sonam Kapoor does.  Go easy on the neons, stick to shades that compliment your skin tone and bear in mind feeling good is as important as looking good.

9) T-shirts with quotes…THINK TWICE
While you think it’s cool to wear tees with “Bazinga” or “Ramu kaka ki chai” texts, it may not go down well with others around you. Vulgarity is certainly a no-no, but sarcastic or double entendre quotes are things you should avoid walking into your classroom with. Your friends may applaud you but your lecturers definitely won’t. Use your brains and make the right choice!

10) Be original
Lastly, this is something you don’t need to be an Einstein for. Like somebody’s attire?  Appreciate it, no need to adopt it. Most people go wrong whilebe original trying to “fit into” somebody else’s shoes. Sometimes accessorizing, pairing it up with jackets or wearing cool specs won’t be as effective as perhaps wearing a white top and blue jeans would. You only need to carry it off as though you’re the hottest number in town. Go with your gut feeling, and be the best version of YOU.

About the author

Shruti Barot

Shruti Barot is a young, dynamic mass media undergraduate with a flair for writing and photography. She is a music enthusiast who enjoys singing and playing the keyboard. She loves to travel and explore what meets beyond the eye. Shruti has a vibrant zest for life which is clearly transmitted through all that she does.

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