Luxury time gets affordable with Savoy

Savoy Watch with blue strap in India

When it comes about fashion, Indians do have very limited options. The same is a case when we talk about the luxurious watches. Most of the Indians do have very few brands to choose from, some of them being Rolex, Cartier, Raymond Weil, Longines etc. Well, in a price sensitive Indian market, the latest entrant in luxury watches segment is Savoy, a swiss based watch company which was initially launched in 2009 by Pascal Savoy.

Savoy Watches India

Savoy watches, an emerging brand in India has a traditional design, which can be experienced in majority of the watches. The dial is embedded into a square shaped steel case, giving a premium look and feel to the finish of a watch.

Savoy in India

The brand Savoy has been introduced in India by Silky Kothari Mehta, she is a member of the family controlling Ridhi Sidhi Bullion, one of the most prominent families in Mumbai. The watches usually follow a square shaped design which is made of stainless steel and the strap is usually made of rubber.

The watches are usually bulky, in a span of 10 days when I used one of the Savoy watches, it did feel like a premium one having onto the wrist, however, some people might not find it too comfortable for obvious reasons, but apart from that, the watches are a perfect fit for party as well as formal gatherings. I personally loved the one with a 41 mm chronograph with a blue rubber strip having a premium design and feel. The men designs are available in 35 mm, 41 mm and 43 mm chronographs, giving you the option to choose from the size and design. The number of options available in India might not be too many, however, Savoy has all plans to make it Big in the Indian market and the brand is pretty keen on introducing a few more models in the coming days.

Savoy watch collection India

Speaking at an event in Mumbai, Silky Kothari Mehta stated, “This Swiss-made luxury accessory stands for innovation, individual expression, fundamental characteristics, craftsmanship and quality, which every discerning Indian demands from the luxury segment today. The watches will be available at fine retailers, boutiques and on online platforms”. In addition to that, Savoy already has a store functioning in the city of Mumbai.

So if you are someone who loves luxury, Savoy is a brand to look out for. Head over to their store in Mumbai to experience it right on your wrist, for the people from the other cities, Savoy watches can be bought from the online store.


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